Assemble a Project Team: Data Collection to Improve Care

Steps to Improving Care Using Your Data Collection System

Get staff involved

Determine which staff need to be on the team that will get the data into a format that facilitates review by the entire team and supports decision-making.

Schedule meetings

In your first meeting:

  • Watch your choice of these AAFP videos if the team needs a refresher: "Use Data to Improve Your Practice" and/or "Improve Care with Patient Registries."
  • State clearly why you're analyzing the data.
  • Determine staff roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify how often analysis should be done and what the products of analysis should be.

Develop a timeline

  • For analyzing the first set of data collected
  • For identifying a change to pursue

What you will need

  • Data from your data collection system
  • A project team and leader
  • Additional time to work on project
  • A computer with Internet access to watch videos

Difficulty: Easy

Outcome: Staff resources and commitment to data collection and measurement system

Time to Complete: One week

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