Assemble a Project Team: Installing a Data Collection System

Steps to Assembling a Project Team to Install a System to Collect Data

Get staff involved

Determine which staff need to be on the data collection and measurement system implementation team.

Schedule meetings

In your first meeting:

  • Set clear goals.
  • Determine staff roles and responsibilities.
  • Determine how to integrate data collection and measurement into regular office work flow.

Develop a timeline

  • To design and test the data collection and measurement system
  • To start data collection

What you will need

  • A project team and leader. The unique knowledge and skills of individuals on a team can help your project succeed.
  • Additional time to work on project.
  • A computer with Internet access to watch videos.

Difficulty: Easy

Outcome: Staff resources and commitment to data collection and measurement system

Time to Complete: One week

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