Set Up a Patient Registry

Steps to Implementing a Patient Registry

Install patient registry system

  • Select the patient registry system you want to use. Some EMR systems include a registry function. In some cases, set-up time may be required for registry functions that come with EMR systems. If you don't have an EMR in your practice, you may choose to use an online patient registry system. You can also use a database program, such as Access, or even Microsoft Excel to set up a patient registry.
  • If necessary, get training to learn how to use the registry system.

Input data

  • Enter information on all patients who have the conditions you chose to measure. If using a more simple registry system, enter the data manually. If your patient registry is a function of your EMR system, information will probably come from an electronic feed.
  • Set your registry system to track the core measures you selected for each condition.

Integrate data collection into care process

  • Have patients' status reports from the registry at hand at every visit.
  • Have a nurse or medical assistant input the clinical parameters you want measured for each patient in the status report at the beginning of the visit.
  • At each visit, review the status report and update the care plan.
  • At the end of each visit, give patients a copy of their status report, including updated care plan.

Identify needed care

  • Set up a reminder system to alert you and your staff of labs or preventive services your patients may need.
  • Develop a system to notify patients when a certain service is due.

What you will need

  • A patient registry function, available in certain EMRs systems; a database program, such as Access; or Microsoft Excel
  • Time to input data
  • Training to learn how to use the registry system

Difficulty: Moderate; requires multiple steps

Outcome: A database to manage patients who have chronic disease and to measure improvement

Time to Complete: One to two months to design system and start implementation

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