Chapter Advocacy Day Assistance Grants

The Center for State Policy offers five $4,000 grants every year for small and medium chapters to host a chapter advocacy day.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the award, chapters must submit an application specifying the following:

  • How much funding the chapter seeks
  • How much money the chapter will contribute
  • The goal of the advocacy day
  • A general agenda for the advocacy day
  • The issues on which attendees will advocate
  • Level of AAFP staff support requested
  • General plans for follow up activities

Funds may only be used for expenses related to advocacy day. Permitted related expenses include, but are not limited to, facility rental, photocopying, member travel, member lodging, speakers, and food and beverages. AAFP will fund travel for AAFP staff, chapters will not be required to cover the costs associated with AAFP staff travel. The chapter must show evidence that they are contributing $1 for every $2 applied for from AAFP. Chapters may only apply for funding every other year.

Additional Requirements

Chapters awarded grant money must allow ample time for attending Center for State Policy staff to give an “AAFP Update” or other presentation during the Advocacy Day Event. This presentation should be 30 minutes, including time for questions and answers by attendees.

In addition, chapters must make every effort during the planning process of the advocacy day event to have formal interactions with various state legislators. This includes (but is not limited to) scheduling small meetings between attendees and legislators or having legislators address attendees and answer questions during the training day. Chapters may plan less formal interactions between legislators and members (e.g., breakfast with legislators); however, these events must be held in addition to formal meetings with legislators to discuss specific issue "asks."

View a sample agenda that includes all required events.(1 page PDF)

Because of these requirements, it is strongly encouraged that chapters send proposed “asks” and advocacy day goals to attendees before the actual advocacy day. Discussion of “asks” should be had during the training segment of the Advocacy Day (typically the morning before afternoon legislator meetings) so that each attendee is comfortable with the chapter’s messages and knows how to effectively deliver information and the provided talking points.

Chapters must also submit receipts after their event. If the entire funding is not used, the remaining balance must be returned to the Center for State Policy. If the event is cancelled, a detailed plan for a future event must be submitted to the Center. If there is no longer a use for the funding, it must be returned to the Center for State Policy.

Please submit applications to Shelby Higgins, Manager, Center for State Policy. Applications for 2021 will be accepted on a rolling basis until August 31, 2020.