Congressional Champion of Family Medicine Award

Created: 2000, Revised: 2005, Revised: 2018
Previously: National Leadership Award and AAFP Award for National Leadership in Government Service

This award is given to recognize members of Congress and Congressional and/or Administration staff who have demonstrated exceptional leadership on advancing public policy that promotes the value of family medicine and primary care to individuals, families, and our health care system. It commends exceptional individual leadership. Recipients are typically involved in the legislative/public policy field.

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  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership on advancing public policy promoting the value of family medicine and primary care,
  • Award given annually to two members of Congress (one Republican and one Democrat) as well as two Congressional and/or Administration staff representatives (one Republican and one Democrat).
  • Award is limited to four recipients annually in a bipartisan manner.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Nominations must be made by a letter of recommendation and should include a brief summary of the entity or person’s accomplishments and why they deserve this award.

Nominations from:

AAFP Commission on Governmental Advocacy
AAFP Members
AAFP Staff
Constituent Chapters

Nominations to:

Shawn Martin
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Nominations by:

January 10

Presented at:

Family Medicine Advocacy Summit*

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