AAFP Travel Guidelines for Award Recipients

These AAFP Travel Guidelines apply only to those AAFP awards where actual travel costs are approved for reimbursement by the AAFP.

A. Travel Coordination

Travel to be coordinated through the AAFP Staff Award Coordinator in order to minimize costs to the Academy.

The AAFP has a contractual agreement with Travellers, Inc. to make arrangements for Academy travel at the lowest cost to the AAFP. Staff coordinating the individual awards should make travel arrangements through Travellers, Inc, to ensure best possible pricing for award recipient travel.

The AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education (GME) is an example of how Travellers works with the AAFP in making this type of travel arrangement. Recipients of this award are sent a letter explaining the process of making travel arrangements to receive their award and a special travel form to complete. Recipients can work directly with a Travellers representative to arrange air travel. The Travellers representative forwards all travel confirmations to the Staff Award Coordinator.

B. Reimbursement for Airfare

Unrestricted coach airfare or lowest discounted coach class fare should be purchased while still accommodating the award recipient’s travel needs.

For those awards where travel has been approved for reimbursement, award recipients will be reimbursed for expenses incurred for traveling from and to his/her home by the shortest or most expedient route. Recipients would work with Travellers to find the lowest discounted coach class fare for ticketing purposes for travel to receive their award. However, from time to time an award recipient may have unusual travel requirements where it is either impractical or potentially more expensive if a restricted ticket is purchased. This decision can be made through the consultative process between the recipient, the Staff Award Coordinator and Travellers. Use of frequent flyer miles by a member will not be reimbursed by the Academy.

The airfare guidelines for those recipients of the Honorary Membership, John G. Walsh and Family Physician of the Year awards would also provide for round trip unrestricted coach or lowest discounted coach airfare for the recipients spouse, significant other or companion, within the cap for a single unrestricted coach ticket.

Air travel for family members, friends, etc., are not included as part of the approved award travel for all awards other than those listed above. If a recipient would like to make travel arrangements for a companion, they would need to provide credit card information to Travellers to pay for those arrangements separately.

Further details regarding reimbursement policies for members can be found in the AAFP Operational Procedures Manual Under "Expense Vouchers."

Special forms will be created to make air travel arrangements. This form would include a place for the recipient’s credit card information so they can make arrangements for a travel companion. Representatives from the Meetings and Conventions and Membership Divisions will work together to create a standard award recipient travel form.

An example of this type of travel arrangement would be the AAFP GME award. It includes airfare for the recipient only. Recipients are asked to provide credit card information for companions. Travellers makes the reservations for both the recipient and the companion and charges the AAFP budget for only the amount of the recipient ticket.

C. Reimbursement for Hotel Accommodations

Hotel accommodations are reimbursed only as required to be at the designated venue to receive the award.

Hotel accommodations should only be made for the time required to travel from and to his/her home to receive the award. The standard is typically 1-2 nights and should be used as the guide whenever possible. However, there will be situations when the 1-2 nights hotel accommodations will not be sufficient. Example: AAFP GME award recipients are honored at breakfast on the Thursday morning during the Family Medicine Experience (FMX). Typically, the recipients are accommodated for the night before breakfast and the night of the breakfast (2 nights).

Additional nights lodging would be the financial responsibility for the award recipient.

Special forms would be created to make lodging arrangements. This form would include a place for the recipient’s credit card information so they can pay for lodging not included with their award. Representatives from the Housing and Registration and Membership Divisions will work together to create a standard award recipient hotel registration form.

Approved on June 3, 2003 by Board Chair.