• Table 4: Selected Practice Characteristics of Active AAFP Members

    Which of the following best describes your employment/professional situation?
    Full-time (at least 35 hours/week)   88%
    Part-time   11%
    Fully retired   <1%
    Not in the workforce for other reasons   1%
    Average percent of time spent in various tasks
    Clinical practice/patient care and related tasks 82% 90.0%
    Administration or managerial tasks (not directly related to patient care) 11% 5%
    Research 1% 0%
    Teaching 6% 0%
    Which of the following best describes your role in the ownership of your primary clinical practice?
    You are the sole owner of your practice   10%
    You are a partial owner or shareholder in your practice   14%
    You have no official ownership stake in your practice (100% employed)   73%
    Not applicable/not in clinical practice   3%
    Who is your primary employer?
    Hospital/Health System   53%
    Physician group    16%
    Government   15%
    University   10%
    Managed care organization or insurance company   2%
    Other   4%
    If you see patients, indicate your primary patient care location
    Office or clinic   74%
    Federally-qualified community health center (FQHC)   11%
    Hospital (not emergency department)   4%
    Hospital emergency department   3%
    Urgent care facility   4%
    Institutional residential facility   2%
    Other    2%
    Please indicate all specialties of physicians working at your primary location, including yourself (Base for percentages: 32,531)
    Family medicine   98%
    General internal medicine   31%
    Other specialties   25%
    Pediatrics   23%
    Obstetrics/gynecology   17%
    Emergency medicine   12%

    Source: American Academy of Family Physicians Member Census, December 31, 2020