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    2020 Summer Issue

    Inside the Academy

    An Interview with Incoming CEO/EVP Shawn Martin

    What are the most critical roles the Foundation Partner Program plays for the AAFP? 

    Shawn: The Foundation Partner Program provides the AAFP an opportunity to align with multiple organizations who share our values and allows us to maximize our collective resources to improve the health of individuals and populations across the United States and the world. The program also provides the AAFP an opportunity to benefit from the insights and innovations of some of the leading companies in the world and apply those learnings to the advancement of primary care. The advancement of health is a team game. Family medicine is a key component of that team, but we must continue to partner with other organizations that share our vision for a better health care system to achieve our goals.

    What are your thoughts on the future of the AAFP as related to the value to corporate partners? 

    Shawn: The AAFP and, more importantly our family physician members, are at the forefront of care delivery. The unique capabilities that each family physician possesses positions them to provide comprehensive physical and mental health care to their patients. The literature shows that states, regions and countries that invest heavily in primary care have better per-capita health outcomes and lower costs. We know the value of family medicine. Our opportunity is to work closely with our partners to secure greater financial investments in our primary care system and extend high-value primary care to more individuals. Any successful effort to improve the health of individuals and produce healthier populations will start with strong family medicine and primary care.  

    How can the AAFP be better stewards of and for our corporate partners in the relationships established through the Partner Program?

    Shawn: We need to be good listeners and good collaborators. No single organization represents a solution to the challenges our health care system faces or, more importantly, the challenges patients and caregivers face. We need to partner, align resources, share information and collaborate on executing policies and practices that drive better, more affordable health care. The AAFP and our partners have a shared mission of improving the health of individuals and helping them live healthier lives. We need to continue building on our historical work and striving for a better, more patient-centered health care system that is foundational in comprehensive and continuous primary care.

    AAFP Condemns All Forms of Racism

    On May 31, the Academy released a statement from current President Gary LeRoy, MD, condemning all forms of racism in our society. As Dr. LeRoy states, “Family physicians are uniquely woven into the social fabric of their respective communities. We take seriously our mission to ensure that all of our patients and their families feel valued and respected as equal members of society.” This statement from AAFP and Dr. LeRoy extends to all members, AAFP employees, and community partners. Please see Dr. LeRoy’s full statement here.

    AAFP 2020-2021 Strategic Priorities

    The AAFP provides value to members by advancing the specialty of family medicine, strengthening the members’ collective voice, and providing solutions to enhance the patient care family physicians provide.

    June 1, 2020 marks the beginning of a new fiscal year. Our FY 20/21 strategic plan outlines four key priorities that are member driven to support the Academy’s vision and mission. View highlights and related activities.

    Going Virtual: Delivering Live CME Courses and Events in a Whole New Way

    The AAFP, along with much of the world, is going virtual with key programs and events due to the pandemic. Over the past months we have connected with event planning professionals to explore alternatives for critical gatherings, such as National Conference, national live courses, and so on. We know we must make major adjustments to ensure these important events can take place in the most meaningful way for our partners, attendees and AAFP.

    Fortunately, modern technology makes it possible to host amazing online events that rival in-person versions and deliver benefits to both event planners and attendees alike. The AAFP has positive momentum that is informing us as we move forward with planning for the remainder of the year.

    We recently changed the Emergency & Urgent Care course to livestream less than six weeks before the course was to occur live. We initially experienced a registration drop off, but within two weeks registrations increased by 66% with very little marketing. Additionally, our Continuing Professional Development division has conducted several livestream courses. It reports increased attendance for the large majority of its courses.

    We are closely monitoring participant feedback to ensure future success across all AAFP events and courses. Livestream participants have positively commented on user-friendly features such as a “chat,” the convenience of earning CME from home, and the cost savings of no airline and hotel expenses. 

    With successes and learning fueling our momentum, we are embracing new ways to meaningfully engage in this virtual environment. We will leverage its unique opportunities, such as reach and flexibility for participation, and meet the different requirements and objectives for events such as next month’s National Conference. 

    We are taking exploratory and action steps to ensure our virtual events and offerings remain engaging and productive experiences for the AAFP and our exhibitor, sponsorship and advertising partners. We look forward to sharing these opportunities and ongoing successes with you. 

    Engage with Us

    Giving Members the Best Advantages

    AAFP has had a Member Advantage affinity program for over 15 years. The program focuses on building partnerships which offer selected products and services at discounted rates to our members. Our newest strategist, Deb Mathine, will focus on strategically growing this program through seeking program partners and offerings that align with the AAFP’s purpose and mission, while placing special emphasis on products and services that support our physicians’ practice needs and enhance their personal lives. Learn more about Deb in “Welcome Deb Mathine to the Strategic Engagements Team” below.

    Save the Date! FMX Partner Clubhouse & Activities

    FMX is around the corner! Mark your calendars for October 13-17, 2020.

    We look forward to FMX and the opportunities to engage and collaborate with you. There are many opportunities to look forward to including keynote sessions, exclusive Partner sessions and interactions with AAFP leaders. Watch for more details from the Strategic Engagements team.

    AAFP Foundation Partner Program Member Survey Coming Soon

    Hearing from you is critical to ensuring we are delivering a valuable, collaborative, and relevant partnership to each of you. Once again, we would really appreciate your help with completing a survey that will serve as a guide and allow us to capture important learnings about your current and future needs. Look for the survey to hit your inboxes this summer. Thank you in advance for taking the time to thoughtfully respond to this survey. Your voice matters!

    Program Spotlight

    The AAFP Foundation Board of Trustees: Advancing Family Medicine

    The mission of The American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation is to advance the values of family medicine through humanitarian, educational, and scientific philanthropy dedicated to improving health. This valuable work could not be done without the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The board is made up of 23 individuals, including physician, resident, student, and corporate trustees.

    Program highlights include:

    • Humanitarian Signature Program – Family Medicine Cares
      Helping those in need, at home and around the world.
    • Education Signature Program – Family Medicine Leads
      Focuses on the future of the Family Medicine specialty by supporting efforts to fill the workforce pipeline with the best and the brightest and by developing more and better-trained Family Medicine leaders.
    • Scientific Signature Program – Family Medicine Discovers
      Family Medicine Discovers’
       vision is to cultivate scholarship and engagement among community family physicians to conduct innovative research projects with the potential for advancing new evidence and knowledge for Family Medicine.
    • Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium (FMPC)
      The FMPC is a collaborative program of the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation and the Constituent Chapters and Chapter Foundations of the American Academy of Family Physicians. The FMPC administers a grant program that is funded by a portion of the Dues Check-Off Campaign.
    • Center for the History of Family Medicine (CHFM)
      The CHFM serves as the collective memory of Family Medicine by fulfilling three roles in one: as a historical research library, archives, and museum.

    As an Advocate level and above partner in the Partner Program, you have the opportunity to apply to serve as a Corporate Trustee on the AAFP Foundation Board of Trustees. The Corporate Trustees play a valuable role in continuing the growth and reach of the Foundation’s signature programs and fulfilling the mission. Corporate Trustees also provide perspective on the Foundation Partner Program and the programming that takes place throughout the year.

    Please find the current Board of Trustees online here.

    To learn more about the AAFP Foundation’s Board of Trustees or the application process for the upcoming year, please reach out to your Strategic Engagements Manager.

    New Comprehensive Continuous Glucose Monitoring Education

    In April, the Academy kicked off a new educational program focused on Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) with funding support from our partner, Abbott Diabetes. The project is a collaborative effort across multiple divisions of the Academy to provide the most comprehensive information for physicians, care teams, and patients.

    Some highlights of the project include:

    • A virtual Pando meeting, which integrates face-to face communication and built-in features designed to increase learner engagement
    • The creation of a TIPS (Transformation in Practice Series) module to explore barriers and facilitators using CGM in primary care
    • Care-team and companion patient-facing educational materials

    Portions of this project will roll out later in 2020 and will continue to launch throughout 2021. Thank you, Abbott, for your support of this valuable project.

    New Physician Manual and Patient Education for OUD and MAT

    In June, the AAFP Health of the Public and Science team kicked off the development of physician and patient educational resources related to opioid use disorder and medication assisted treatment with funding support from our partner, Indivior. The project includes development of a practice manual with detailed instruction on best ways to screen, treat, and support patients as well as information on new treatment models. The manual is designed to fit into and complement the larger body of work related to a substance use learning community of resources and will be available to AAFP members on AAFP.org. 

    Pfizer and AAFP Collaborate on Smoking Cessation

    Family physicians are all too familiar with the harms associated with smoking—and the benefits associated with quitting. Recently, Pfizer supported AAFP and Group SJR in their effort to develop two physician-facing video clips for Pfizer’s tobacco cessation-focused physician education website, QuitClips. 

    What is ASK and ACT? Successful clinical interventions for tobacco use ensure that patients who use tobacco are identified, advised to quit, and offered evidence-based treatment. ASK and ACT, which was  developed by the AAFP, is a way of approaching the traditional “5 As” model for tobacco cessation (Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange) to help ensure all patients who use tobacco are identified (ASK) and helped to quit (ACT).

    Talking to Your Patient After Relapse Approximately two-thirds of smokers are interested in quitting, yet only 7 percent of smokers are successful. Many smokers try to quit several times before they can maintain prolonged abstinence. It is important to remember—and to remind patients—that relapse is a normal and often times an unavoidable part of the process for a lifelong behavior change like quitting smoking. If relapse occurs, it does not represent failure. Tobacco/nicotine dependence should be treated with patience, understanding, and realistic expectations.

    Recent Happenings

    Legislative/Advocacy Bi-annual Update Webinar Highlights

    On May 21, Stephanie Quinn, Director of Government Relations, hosted the legislative/advocacy webinar. She was joined by the Advocate level and above partners. Stephanie provided a detailed update on COVID-19 impacts to family medicine as well as addressed several other government relations updates. 

    As announced in our previous newsletter, Shawn Martin, Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy has now begun the transition as AAFP CEO role June 1. He will work closely with Dr. Doug Henley as he prepares for retirement on August 1. Also starting June 1, Stephanie has begun the transition from Director of Government Relations to Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy. We look forward to future opportunities to engage with Stephanie at the FMX Clubhouse and the 2021 Corporate Roundtable.

    2020 Partner Summit - Amplifying the Voice of Family Physicians; America’s Doctors

    This year’s Partner Summit was hosted virtually on June 16. The annual summit provided a forum for partners and AAFP staff to highlight and share strategic efforts and activities intended to elevate the voice of Family Medicine in America.

    The Summit allowed for rich discussion and sharing of unique perspectives and thought leadership that is key to advancing a firm understanding of the critical role family medicine plays in the management of health care in our country, and in the hearts and minds of consumers.

    Thank you to all the partners who attended and participated in this important conversation. Please contact your Strategic Engagements Manager with questions or for more information. We look forward to continuing collaboration and successes in bringing the voice of Family Medicine to the forefront.

    Welcome Deb Mathine to the Strategic Engagements Team

    Deb Mathine joined the Strategic Engagements team on March 16 and brings 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing and public relations to the AAFP. As our newest Strategist, and with a solid sales background, Deb will focus primarily on building the Member Advantage affinity program.  Much of her sales experience has focused on print and digital advertising sales in B2B Buyers Guides, chamber publications and lifestyle magazines. Most recently she sold PR campaigns and native advertising to major brands including Macy’s, Atkins, Closet Maid, Smithfield, JoAnn, Bayer and Bank of America.

    Deb especially loves creating successful partnerships that mutually elevate both partners. In her role at AAFP, she will seek to strengthen our partnerships with existing Member Advantage partners while identifying and attracting new offerings to support our members with their work and lifestyle needs.

    Upcoming Events

    Global Health Summit, September 16 - 18 
    Connect with physicians exploring opportunities to engage in global health, preparing for overseas experiences, or seeking to broaden clinical knowledge about global health concerns. The AAFP Global Health Summit (formerly the Family Medicine Global Health Workshop) is the place to network with current and aspiring global health advocates.

    AAFP Virtual FMX, October 13 - 17 
    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAFP has made the exciting decision this week to transition this year’s Family Medicine Experience (FMX) to an all-virtual event. Rest assured, FMX Virtual remains a must-attend event for family physicians—and valued partners like you. Your Strategic Engagements team is busy working on plans for a virtual experience that fosters the same great conversations and collaborations – more details will be coming soon!

    What’s Next:
    Please cancel any travel arrangements you have made for the “live event” in Chicago, but please save the dates on your calendar for the virtual conference. Watch email for additional information and don’t hesitate to reach out to your Strategic Engagements manager with any questions.