• Family Physicians Help Answer Patients’ COVID-19 Questions

    Information provided by Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease


    Progress continues in the fight against COVID-19, and while physicians remain on the front lines of providing care, they are also essential in the fight against misinformation.

    Today, more patients than ever—including young children—are eligible to get vaccinated, and many patients are eligible to get their booster shots. With increasing vaccination and treatment options available—and therefore more questions from patients—the role physicians play combatting this pandemic is only growing. Physicians remain one of the most trusted sources of information for patients.

    The progress has been immense, but so has the amount of misinformation that has been shared among patients of all ages. Combatting vaccine misinformation, in particular, has become a serious matter. That is because health misinformation has been reported as one of the reasons for vaccine hesitancy, which was already on the World Health Organization’s list of top 10 threats to global health and could threaten the goal of herd immunity.1,2

    As a result, patients have questions. When it comes to their health, patients will turn to you as their trusted physician for answers.

    The Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease is happy to serve as a resource, compiling trusted, scientific information in one place in an effort to encourage continued vaccination against COVID-19. The resources can help physicians save time by providing the latest information about boosters and pediatric vaccines and answers to other common COVID-19 questions that can be shared with your patients. Information is available in English and Spanish and includes fact sheets along with videos in easy-to-understand and succinct formats.

    As the world enters yet another year of a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever that physicians continue to offer and provide trusted information so that patients can help put the pandemic behind us for good. These resources are designed to do just that and help make it easier for physicians to provide the latest information so that you can spend even more time doing what you do best: delivering quality patient care.

    You can direct patients to the variety of resources provided by the Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease or share the latest Frequently Asked Questions document.


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