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    Physicians have a unique career trajectory that starts them off with an exorbitant amount of debt. That’s exactly the story Dr. Travis Walker, a family medicine physician in Reno, Nevada, and Chief Medical Officer at Community Health Alliance, describes in his webinar with Earned Wealth.

    As a first-generation physician, Dr. Walker felt financially disconnected and overwhelmed when he completed his residency in 2018. Starting his first career with a mountain of debt didn’t help either.

    In just 5 years, Dr. Walker has worked his way into the leadership role at Community Health Alliance in Reno, Nevada, becoming the Chief Medical Officer there. He educated himself on smart investing strategies. After working with an advisor, he realized there is potential in having his money work for him so he can spend more time with his family and practice medicine in the way that is most fulfilling for him.

    So, how did Dr. Walker get from residency to CMO in 5 years? He applied smart financial strategies to plan his way to financial independence.

    • Create a financial blueprint: What do you need to attain the future lifestyle you desire?
    • Maximize savings by using the 50/30/20 rule.
    • Minimize taxes by investing in tax-free accounts.
    • Design your portfolio with purpose and in alignment with your long-term goals.

    Dr. Walker and his wife are now working toward their financial goals and, more importantly, providing their 3 children with excellent education and opportunities.

    To hear Dr. Walker’s take on building a financially fulfilling lifestyle, listen to the conversation between Dr. Walker and Bill Martin, CFA and Chief Wealth Officer at the physician-only financial firm Earned Wealth.

    Take a listen to the webinar with Dr. Travis Walker and get started on your path to financial independence.


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