• Prioritize Home Safety This National Safety Month and Beyond

    Information provided by the American Cleaning Institute

    A recent survey from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) found that 85% of Americans are very or somewhat likely to maintain the same level of cleaning practices initially adopted in March 2020. With more cleaning products and people in the home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, home and child safety is an important message to reinforce among patients.

    This National Safety Month, encourage your patients to be mindful of safety when it comes to using household cleaners around young children.

    Today, only 52% of households follow laundry safety practices at all times. In fact, nearly 13% of Americans don’t store liquid laundry packets in their original containers. You would never store medication outside of its original packaging, and the same rule should apply to cleaning products. Urge your patients not to be tempted by popular home design trends that prioritize style over safety, like storing laundry detergent in glass containers. Just like medication packaging, packaging for liquid laundry packets is designed to be child resistant and includes important safety information on the label.

    A new video released by ACI simply yet effectively describes the safety features built into liquid laundry packets.

    As family physicians, you know how quickly accidents can happen, especially around young children. Share these tips and resources with parents, guardians and caregivers of children six and under:

    • Always keep products stored and sealed in their original containers with safety labels intact.
    • Store all cleaning products up high out of sight and reach.
    • Never allow young children to handle cleaning products.
    • If a child ingests a liquid laundry packet or other household cleaning product, patients should call the Poison Control Center hotline immediately: 1-800-222-1222.

    To learn more about ACI’s Packets Up campaign and recent Store Not Décor Challenge, and to order a free cling to serve as a safe storage reminder in the laundry room, visit www.packetsup.com .


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