LaTasha Seliby Perkins, MD

New Physician Member

LaTasha Seliby Perkins, MD, a family physician in Washington, D.C., serves as the new physician member of the American Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors. The AAFP represents 131,400 physicians and medical students nationwide. Perkins was elected to a one-year term by the new physician constituency during the AAFP National Conference of Constituency Leaders and was confirmed by the AAFP’s governing body, the Congress of Delegates.

A new physician is a doctor in his or her first seven years of practice following residency completion. As the new physician member of the AAFP Board of Directors, Perkins represents the interests and opinions of the new physician constituency to the AAFP Board of Directors and the Congress of Delegates. She also advocates on behalf of family physicians and patients nationwide to inspire positive change in the U.S. health care system.

A member of the AAFP since 2011, Perkins has served as chair and member of the AAFP Rules Committee. She was a delegate to the AAFP Congress of Delegates in 2017 and an alternate delegate in 2016. In addition, Perkins served as a delegate to the AAFP National Conference of Constituency Leaders, where she was co-convener of the NCCL Women’s Caucus.

In 2017, Perkins became a young professional member of the National Minority Quality Forum Advisory Board. She was named the National Minority Quality Forum’s 40 under 40 Leader in Health Disparities in 2016. From 2006 to 2011, Perkins was a Goodwill Ambassador to the Republic of Gambia. Before beginning her residency training in 2011, she worked as a staff intern with Regina Benjamin, MD, then U.S. Surgeon General.

Perkins is currently a family physician with Georgetown Student Health Center, where she provides comprehensive care to university students of all ages, and assistant professor at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, where she teaches courses in community-based learning and population health. She also teaches medical students who are rotating through family medicine as part of their clinical training experience. She is also among the first class of Professional Identity/Cura Personalis Fellows, a group of mentoring physicians who coach medical students in resilience during training, at the Georgetown SOM. In her spare time, Perkins is a mentor to high school students and undergraduates who are science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics majors and/or are interested in becoming physicians. She also is a volunteer at Georgetown SOM free student-run HOYA clinic.

Perkins graduated from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise biology in 2003. She earned her medical degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine in 2010 and completed her residency training at the Spartanburg Regional Family Medicine Residency Program, Spartanburg, South Carolina in 2014. She was the first to complete the fellowship in Health and Media at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, in 2015.