Future Commission Cluster Meeting Dates:

(All cluster meetings held in Kansas City, MO)

February 7-9, 2020

May 29-31, 2020

Materials Required to Submit Online Application Form:

  • Completion of appropriate online application form (commission chair (will open 5/15/2020), commission member, ABFM Director  and AAFP AMA Delegation) (will open 7/15/2020)
  • Photo
  • Completion of Conflict of Interest/Disclosure Form (select Option 2)
  • Letter of Recommendation from Your Chapter (Members interested in applying must contact their chapter prior to submitting an application)

The AAFP commissions make recommendations to the Board regarding policy, development of new programs and projects, improvements to current activities, and potential discontinuation of activities.The Board of Directors appoints members to seven working commissions and one work group to deliberate on issues within their scope of work, new strategic ideas, and referrals from several entities within the AAFP.

To learn more about leadership opportunities, you may want to start by:

  • Viewing information about commissions:
  1. Policy for Participation on AAFP Commissions and Evaluation of Commission Member Performance(PDF)
  2. Chapter and Member General Instructions for Commission Nomination(175 KB PDF). (Members must contact their chapter prior to applying for a leadership position.) (Will be available July 15, 2019)
  3. 2020-2021 Commission Openings (will be available mid-2020)
  4. Commission Structure Chart(63 KB PDF) (AAFP Governance Structure)
  1. Commission Chair Orientation Manual(PDF)
  2. Commission Member Orientation Manual(PDF)
  3. Commission Chair Nomination Procedures (will open 5/15/2020)
  • Reading information about the ABFM Director position:
  1. ABFM Director Nomination Procedures(2 page PDF)(155 KB PDF)
  • Reading information about the AAFP AMA Delegation:
  1. AAFP AMA Delegate Position Description(2 page PDF) (will be available mid-2020)
  2. AAFP AMA Delegation Nomination Procedures(2 page PDF)(165 KB PDF)
  • Or, completing the online nomination forms.
    • Commission Chair Nomination Form. (will open 5/15/2020) To learn more, read the Commission Chair Nomination Procedures (will be available May 2020). (Only eligible members currently serving on a commission may apply.)
    • Commission Member Nomination Form. (will open 7/15/2020)
    • ABFM Director Nomination Form. (will open 7/15/2020)
    • AMA Delegation Nomination Form. (will open 7/15/2020)
    • Online Leadership Nomination Procedures(3 page PDF)(175 KB PDF).

Click here(146 KB PDF) to view detailed instructions for the use of the online commission application process.

View the current members of commissions in the 2019 Leadership Directory(PDF)(1 MB PDF).

Below is a list of the current AAFP Commissions with a description of their mission and purpose. You can find more detailed information about any of the commissions by clicking the link provided to read more specific information. ABFM and AMA Delegation opportunities and nomination information can be found by scrolling to the end of this page. Information can also be found on the composition of the Working Group on Rural Health by scrolling to the end of this page.

Commission on Continuing Professional Development

[Continuing Medical Education for Family Medicine]

The goals of the Commission on Continuing Professional Development are to guide the AAFP's credit system and the Academy's provision of continuing medical education that helps members and other health care professionals demonstrate continuous improvement in knowledge, competence, practice performance, and patient outcomes, as well as fulfill the educational requirements for licensure and certification.

Commission on Education

The mission of the Commission on Education is to provide a venue for the development of recommended policy and the dissemination of expertise and new information related to the education and professional development of family physicians until completion of the residency training period.

Commission on Finance and Insurance

[Stethoscope and calculator symbol for health care costs or medical insurance]

The Commission on Finance and Insurance is a standing Commission of the American Academy of Family Physicians as provided for in the AAFP Bylaws that reviews various matters of the AAFP both as routine charges of the commission and upon referral from the Board, other commissions and committees, or the Congress of Delegates.

Commission on Governmental Advocacy

The Commission on Governmental Advocacy informs and guides the Academy's federal advocacy program and the AAFP’s support for constituent chapters in their advocacy efforts before state governments.

Commission on Health of the Public/Science

[Physician speaking with elderly woman in office]

The Commission on Health of the Public and Science supports the AAFP's Strategic Objectives: Payment Reform, Practice Transformation, Family Medicine Workforce, and Clinical Expertise.

Commission on Membership and Member Services

The goals of this commission are to guide the AAFP's membership efforts and to assist the constituent chapters in their membership efforts.

Commission on Quality and Practice

[Three medical students looking at laptop computer]

The commission works to improve the practice environment of family physicians.

Working Group on Rural Health


The AAFP Working Group on Rural Health (WGRH) was formed to help the AAFP continue to meet the needs of rural family physicians.

Other Leadership Opportunities with the ABFM and AMA Delegation:

The AAFP also has opportunities for leadership outside of our organization, such as a director of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and delegates to the American Medical Association (AMA).

If you're interested in being a director of the ABFM, please download and read the procedures for nomination. Then, once you have read the procedures, complete the online form (available July 15, 2020) for nomination.

Likewise, if you're interested in becoming a delegate to the AMA, please read the position description for delegates. Then, complete the online form (available July 15, 2020) to submit your application for consideration.

News Release - Download a news release(27 KB DOC) to assist you in informing your community of your appointment to an AAFP Commission. Download a news release(27 KB DOC) to assist you in informing your community of your appointment to an AAFP AMA Delegation.