• Project Advisory Groups (PAGs)

    Project Advisory Groups (PAGs) provide opportunities to align the strategic work of the AAFP with family physicians who have professional and/or technical expertise on identified topics. All PAGs are aligned with an AAFP strategic priority, as approved by the AAFP Board of Directors. PAGs are formed by a recommendation from the AAFP Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Executive Vice President (EVP) to the board chair, including members of the PAG. There is a maximum of six PAGs per fiscal year.

    Per the policy adopted by the Board of Directors, the AAFP will identify individual family physicians who bring a specific set of skills or expertise that is aligned with this important work and are not currently serving on an AAFP commission. The AAFP will use the following categories when determining representation to the PAGs:

    • Extra Large Chapter
    • Large Chapter
    • Medium Chapter
    • Small Chapter
    • New Physician