Resident AAFP Leaders

Elected and Appointed Positions

Residents make significant contributions to family medicine as members of the wide variety of boards, commissions, and inter-organizational teams that shape the AAFP. Experience in a leadership role provides valuable career insight and unique mentorship opportunities. 

Most resident leadership positions serve for a one-year term, many beginning in the fall.

As medical care and health care reform undergo pivotal changes, the voice of family medicine's next generation of physicians is critical in shaping a future that aligns with the core principles of primary care. Learn what drew current leaders to their roles and find out what they hope to achieve through their skills and passion for family medicine.

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Join the AAFP in its efforts to transform health care to achieve optimal health for everyone by serving as a Resident Leader.


Elected National AAFP Leaders

Kelly Thibert, DO, MPH
Grant Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program

In her role, Dr. Thibert brings a resident perspective to high-level decision-making discussions of the AAFP Board of Directors. 

"As a resident, I interface with patients from various backgrounds and see first-hand the barriers to quality, affordable, health care for all. I believe that we are in a period where we need to cultivate a strong recommitment to primary care. With this task at hand, I believe that family medicine physicians play a crucial role in enacting the necessary changes within our health care system. Our specialty is in a prime position to address health care from a multitude of angles, including outside of the exam room, which will allow us to enable our country to better serve the most vulnerable populations. I am excited to serve as the resident member of the Board of Directors this coming year; to help improve patient access to quality, affordable health care and to continue to support the AAFP’s commitment to health equity."

Victoria Boggiano, MD, MPH
University of North Carolina Family Medicine Residency Program

In her role, Dr. Boggiano represents resident member interestes at the AAFP Congress of Delegates and functions as a member of the AAFP Commission on Education.

"I hope to represent residents' collective views on important issues pertinent to medical education, residency training, and the health and well-being of the patients that we serve. I am also looking forward to learning more about how the AAFP Congress of Delegates functions as a governing body."

Derek Baughman, MD
WellSpan Good Samaritan Family Medicine Residency Program

In his role, Dr. Baughman represents resident member interestes at the AAFP Congress of Delegates and functions as a member of the AAFP Commission on Education.

"I greatly respect the authority of policy and its ability to bring large-scale impact in organized medicine. This prospect drives my passion for empowering voices of current residents to help shape our medical training and my hope to improve the system for aspiring residents desiring change. But most of all, I’m thrilled at the opportunity to enhance the structure of health care for patients. The physician/policy-maker combination is a unique privilege: making a tangible difference by healing patients in the present while concurrently implementing system improvements to help patients in the future. I’m hopeful in supporting policies that mitigate patient’s barriers to care, ameliorate physician’s barriers to treatment, and challenge industry’s barriers to change."

Elizabeth McIntosh, MD, MPH
Grant Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

In her role, Dr. McIntosh coordinates and makes decisions regarding resident activities at National Conference. She functions as a member of the AAFP Commission on Education and presides at the business sessions of the National Congress of Family Medicine Residents.

"I want to remind residents of their 'why' for going into family medicine and show students why they should choose the same. Family medicine physicians provide high-value care by building personal, long-term patient relationships and treating the whole person, not just disease. We are also ideal leaders of change for our health care system. Even though residency can be tough, the work that we do is rewarding and important, and I'm proud every day to be in this specialty!"

AAFP Commissions

Jose Flores-Rodarte, MD, MPH
University of Washington Family Medicine Residency

This leadership role includes the study of health care delivery systems (e.g., PCMH, ACOs), performance measurement, practice redesign/quality improvement, privileging, health information technology, practice management, private sector advocacy, and physician payment. 

Please visit the link above to learn more about this and other AAFP commission roles.

Jacqueline Britz, MD, MSPH
University of Virginia Family Medicine Residency

The representative to the AAFP's Commission on Federal and State Policy is involved in guiding the Academy's advocacy efforts before the federal government and assists constituent chapters in their advocacy efforts before state governments. 

"I look forward to serving as the resident member of the Commission on Federal and State Policy. I am a passionate advocate for policies that strengthen the health of communities, particularly those that are most underserved, as well as efforts to improve health care access and quality. I am also excited to support initiatives to engage more medical students and residents in advocacy."

Christen Johnson, MD, MPH
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

This leadership role includes contributing to a wide scope of issues, such as health of the public, evidence-based clinical recommendations and care, generation of new knowledge and science with dissemination and implementation, and disparities and the underserved populations.

"Serving on the commission for a second year, I hope to continue to give a voice to the resident perspective on the Commission on Health of the Public and Science as well as learn about new areas where the AAFP has begun to make an impact on the live of our patients. I also hope to continue to encourage our student and resident members to be involved."

Clayton Cooper, MD, MBA
Duke Family Medicine Residency 

Dr. Cooper's role includes projects in areas such as recruitment, retention, value of membership, member services, life-stage career issues, special needs, awards, international membership, urban/rural membership issues, degree of fellow, special constituencies, National Conference of Special Constituencies planning and chapter relations, and leadership development. 

"I hope to bring the resident voice to issues impacting medical students, residents, and physicians in practice. As our academy looks towards the future, I will do my part to ensure Family Medicine is well positioned to attract top medical students and train residents in an environment that fosters a rewarding career."

Altelisha Taylor, MD, MPH
Emory Family Medicine Residency

In her role, Dr. Taylor works directly with the commission to support the AAFP’s Strategic Objective on Education by supporting the lifelong learning of family physicians and other health care professionals.

"I hope to collaborate with other members on innovative ways to promote the continuing professional development of family medicine physicians. I'm eager to learn from the experienced doctors on this commission and continue to work on new ways to enhance the field of family medicine as a whole."

Representatives and Liaisons to Other Organizations

Jaya Kasaraneni, MD, MS
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at the Permian Basin Family & Community Medicine Residency

In her role, Dr. Kasaraneni represents AAFP resident and fellow interests at AMA meetings and interacts with AMA delegates from the AAFP.

"My intention in wanting to serve as the AMA - RFS representative from AAFP, was to primarily advocate for Family Medicine residents’ ever changing learning needs, as we continue to broaden the scope of practice. I also wanted to understand barriers to improving and narrowing the gaps in care for patients who need specialty care from a primary care perspective."

Taylor Boland, MD
University of Wisconsin Family Medicine Residency

In her role, Dr. Boland represents AAFP resident and fellow interests at AMA meetings and interacts with AMA delegates from the AAFP.

"I hope to teach my residency program about all of the great advocacy efforts that they can join through the AAFP. I also want to ensure that Family Medicine remains a loud and central voice in the issues that the AMA is debating. A successful health care system is built on a strong foundation of primary care; we need to be at the forefront as the future of medicine is decided in our own communities and on a national level."

Tyson Schwab, MD, MS
Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency

In his role, Dr. Schwab serves as an important communications, policy and membership link between the AMA and grassroots physicians. 

"I work to represent the AAFP membership and residents/student perspectives at the AMA House of Delegates. I hope to bring awareness and passion for primary care advocacy. I hope to enable others to create effective solutions for our current and future challenges in health care."

Sara Martin, MD, MSc
Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program

This leadership role is involved with residency education and accreditation at a national level, and gets mentoring opportunities with national leaders in family medicine residency education.                             

"I am excited to be able to provide the resident voice to the review committee. My past experience as a teacher helps me to understand the challenges that programs face as I work to advocate for learners in a meaningful way."

Kristina Laguerre, MD, MPH
Sunrise GME Consortium, Southern Hills Hospital

In her role, Dr. Laguerre is involved with high-level decision making on a nonprofit board of trustees.                             

"I am excited for the opportunity to continue working closely with the Board of Trustee members to advance the mission of the AAFP Foundation. I look forward to continuing to promote the various humanitarian and educational efforts of the Foundation, especially as it pertains to residents. I also hope to make more residents aware of all the great work the AAFP Foundation does and the resources available to residents."

Michael Flynn, MD
UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency

As the resident representative to the AFMRD, Dr. Flynn provides a resident perspective to program directors on issues impacting residents and their education.

"As the AFMRD's resident representative, I hope to gain valuable insight into the residency director role and the issues facing both individual family medicine residencies and residencies as a whole across the country. I look forward to being a part of the collaborative process aimed at improving residency leadership and training along with learning valuable skills that will make me an effective leader (and potential residency director) in the future."

Enkhee Tuvshintogs, MD
Dignity Health Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Family Medicine Residency

The resident representative to AFP journal serves as the advocate for resident interests and learning needs while promoting the journal to the Family Physicians of the future.

Please visit the link above to learn more about this and other AAFP leadership roles.

Yeri Park, MD
Greater Lawrence Family Medicine Residency Program

In her role Dr. Park helps to inform decisions made by the STFM Board of Directors. She has voting rights on the Board and is a voting member of the STFM Graduate Student Education Committee. 

"I believe that exceptional teachers and mentors in family medicine are instrumental to address nationwide shortage of family physicians. As a Resident Representative to the STFM Board of Directors, I will work to ensure that our resident voices, as current trainees and future educators, are heard in development of STFM policies, so that residents continue to feel empowered to enter academic medicine."

AAFP Advisory and Program Boards

Steffano Mottl, MD 
Yuma Regiona Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

In his role, Dr. Mottl helps plan the AAFP Global Health Summit, and takes the lead in preparing and facilitating the Global Health Networking Meeting at the National Conference. 

"In my position as a resident representative, I intend to bring awareness to physicians across the nation about the growing number of opportunities in learning and practicing global medicine. My objective is to encourage training physicians to entertain academic endeavors overseas, during residency, as a refreshing professional alternative for those who seek to enrich their lives. Similarly, I look forward to making of the global health annual conference a unique experience for young physicians around the world, by illustrating the multiple paths and tracks that global medicine has to offer."

Katy Rooney, MD
University of New Mexico Family Medicine Residency

This leader works on a peer-reviewed clinical research journal dedicated to advancing knowledge essential to understanding and improving health and primary care.

"As the resident representative to the Annals of Family Medicine Editorial Advisory Board, I look forward to getting involved in the operations of a peer-reviewed clinical research journal. From submission to publication to review, I hope to gain experience with each step of the complex process behind primary care research. I also hope to encourage other students and residents who are interested in Family Medicine to incorporate research into their careers."

Charlie Jose, MD, MPH
Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana

In his role Dr. Jose advises and assists the NRN, which is dedicated to conducting, supporting, promoting, and advocating for primary care research in practice-based settings.

"I believe research is an integral part of continually improving and streamlining primary care. My goals this year include working with the NRN to help provide more research opportunities and experiences for residents during training. I am particularly interested in bolstering research to address rural health care delivery."

Lead Family Medicine

Join the AAFP in its efforts to transform health care to achieve optimal health for everyone by serving as a Resident Leader.