CGHI Advisory Board Application

Steps to Apply for the CGHI Advisory Board

1. Complete the Conflict of Interest Form.

All applicants for CGHI Board positions must complete the AAFP Conflict of Interest form in order to be considered. You can submit your Conflict of Interest Form online by following the instructions below:

  1. Visit (or copy this link into your browser window).
  2. Log in using your AAFP ID and password.
  3. Select Option 2.
  4. If there is nothing to disclose, check the appropriate box.
  5. If there are disclosures, please check the appropriate box and all that apply.
  6. Press the "Submit" button to submit the Conflict of Interest Form to the central database.
  7. Please let us know that your form has been created/updated.

2. Complete the Appropriate Application.

Choose the application for your constituent group