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The Devastating Human Impact of Disparate Health Data

Free webinar from Surescripts

Health care is no longer local.

Improving care coordination across the health care continuum has the potential to dramatically improve patient care, reduce duplicative tests and procedures, and positively impact care quality. The key driver of better care coordination is patient data that is easily accessible and shareable. However, data silos among disparate systems have made true nationwide interoperability—and the potential for better care—a challenge.

A truly national record locator service breaks down the barriers to interoperability by providing the ability to find, request and receive vital patient health information from outside systems within the EHR workflow.

Surescripts National Record Locator Service (NRLS) makes it possible. NRLS is the industry's strongest and furthest reaching record locator service, covering 230 million patients—20 times more than any other service on the market.  

Watch our webinar to learn more. And be sure to visit Surescripts at AAFP FMX, booth #1629.

Free webinar from Surescripts