Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Information for AAFP Members


AAFP policies and principles are determined by its members. Members must be elected to the Congress of Delegates by their respective chapters. The Congress of Delegates meets annually and has the responsibility to establish organizational policies and principles, which are carried out between annual meetings by the Board of Directors and a number of standing and special commissions.

The Congress of Delegates elects the Board, which in turn appoints commission members. The Board and commissions operate to further the mission of the AAFP: to improve the health of patients, families, and communities by serving the needs of members with professionalism and creativity. The organizational structure of chapters varies by chapter. Read more to learn about getting involved and making a difference in family medicine.

How does one get involved in Congress?

The Congress of Delegates is the AAFP’s policy-making body. It elects officers and directors to serve on the Board of Directors. Its membership is composed of two delegates and two alternate delegates from each chapter and special constituencies (residents, students, new physicians, and other constituency groups represented at the National Conference of Constituency Leaders).

Any AAFP member can be involved in the Congress of Delegates’ annual meeting (eg, testifying at reference committee hearings during the meeting). Members who wish to become delegates or alternate delegates must be elected by their chapters. If you are interested in becoming a delegate or alternate delegate, contact your chapter for more information.

How does one get elected to the Board?

Each year, the Congress of Delegates elects new officers and three members to serve on the Board of Directors. In order to become a candidate for the Board, a member must be nominated by his or her chapter. The nomination process varies by chapter, so contact your chapter for details.

How does one get involved in a Commission?

AAFP commissions make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding policy, development of new programs and projects, improvements to current activities, and potential discontinuation of activities. Commission members are expected to participate fully in the meetings and activities of the commission. Members should recognize that these positions are competitive and each member’s participation is critical to the successful work of the commission.

In order to be considered for appointment to a commission, a member must be nominated by his or her chapter. If you are interested in being appointed to a commission, contact your chapter to learn more. Nomination materials typically are available by July of each year on AAFP.org.