• AAFP Board of Director Nominations

    Bring Your Unique Set of Skills and Background to the Table

    The new AAFP Nominating Committee is inviting applications for nomination to the AAFP Board of Directors. Applications may be submitted by potential nominees themselves, as well as by groups such as chapters, member constituencies, and member interest groups who would like to put forth a potential nominee.

    Applicants should have a record of active involvement with the AAFP and their chapter, leadership qualities and experience that meet the organization’s needs, and the ability to represent the AAFP in diverse arenas.

    The 2024 slate of nominees will be announced on April 15. The Congress of Delegates (COD) will elect board members from this slate or from those who may be nominated from the floor.

    The submission process is closed for 2024 nominations.

    Information needed for submission:

    • Completed nomination application form (submitted online)
    • Three letters of recommendation from people other than the applicant, describing the attributes the applicant would bring to the Board of Directors, with a focus on the applicant’s qualifications and their potential contributions (submitted via email to leadershipnominations@aafp.org 
    • Biographical sketch (submitted via email to leadershipnominations@aafp.org)
    • Photo/headshot (submitted via email to leadershipnominations@aafp.org)
    • Current curriculum vitae (submitted via email to leadershipnominations@aafp.org)- please include the following sections in your CV when submitting to the committee:
      • Any advanced degrees beyond your medical degree
      • Previous chapter involvement including service on committees, commissions, or Boards
      • Previous national AAFP involvement including service on commissions, task forces, or member interest groups
      • Community involvement
      • Competencies/skills including public speaking, leadership skills, financial/fiduciary skills
    • Completed AAFP Conflict of Interest form (submitted online)

    Please contact leadershipnominations@aafp.org if you have questions about the nomination process.


    The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and vetting applicants for AAFP elected leadership positions of president-elect, director, speaker and vice speaker. The slate of candidates nominated by the committee will be presented to the Congress of Delegates for a vote.

    The AAFP values diversity across multiple facets, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and more. Both in the selection of the Nominating Committee members and in the selection of candidates, efforts are made to ensure diverse representation.

    The nominating committee is comprised of a chair and 12 voting members appointed based on certain criteria, along with three ex officio, non-voting members.

    Voting members (to be appointed by the nominating committee chair) are comprised of

    • Three members to be selected from among past and current COD delegates and alternates
    • Three members to be selected from among past AAFP directors
    • Three members to be selected from names submitted by chapters
    • Three members to be selected from among the past three years of National Conference of Constituency Leaders Advisory Group members

    Ex officio, non-voting members are comprised of

    • Current AAFP Board chair
    • Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in Family Medicine chair 
    • Current AAFP Board resident director

    Each voting member, including the Chair, serves a three-year term, with terms staggered to ensure yearly turnover.

    No member serving on the nominating committee shall be eligible to run for national office during their term or for a period of two years after the conclusion of their service. 

    The process begins in early December with the identification of desired attributes and skillsets for Board members. In January, the call for nominations will open with a deadline in mid-February. The Nominating Committee then reviews applications in March and announces a final slate by April 15.

    Starting in early January with the call for nominations, it includes several milestones, including the application deadline in February, candidate orientation, and sessions with candidates throughout the year leading up to the election at COD.

    Yes. Any candidate who was considered, but not selected by the Nominating Committee may be nominated by any chapter between April 1 and April 15. Candidates submitted by a chapter through this pathway will be responsible for all expenses associated with their candidacy.

    The AAFP provides the following support (subject to annual budgetary review and approval by the Board of Directors) for all candidates nominated by the nomination committee for elected leadership positions on the Board of Directors, and discourages any other support by other AAFP entities, such as chapters, commissions, and member interest groups:

    • Candidate orientation and development program
    • Candidate website
    • Campaign email to all delegates and alternates
    • Online Q&A session for any announced candidates, either in real time or asynchronously
    • Meet the Candidates session at COD
    • Candidate hospitality event at COD
    • Candidate forum at COD
    • Reimbursement of travel expenses to the AAFP Leadership Conference and COD

    Yes, any other support by external AAFP entities, such as chapters, commissions, or member interest groups, is discouraged.

    A special fund will be established for the Nominating Committee, with its budget approved annually by the Board.