• AAFP Delegates to the AMA

    Members of the AMA House of Delegates serve as an important communication, policy, and membership link between the AMA and grassroots physicians. The AMA delegate/alternate delegate is a key source of information on activities, programs, and policies of the AMA. The delegate/alternate delegate is also a direct contact for the individual member to communicate with and contribute to the formulation of AMA policy positions, the identification of situations that might be addressed through policy implementation efforts and the execution of AMA policies. Delegates and alternate delegates to the AMA are expected to foster a positive and useful two-way relationship between grassroots physicians and the AMA leadership.

    The appointment process for the AMA Delegation shares the same timeline as the commission member appointment process. In July of each year, a letter is forwarded to constituent chapter presidents and executives requesting nominations for commission appointments. Nominations from chapters should be recommendations from their Board of Directors or their Executive Committee, and not the recommendation of one or two officers. The Subcommittee on Screening values these letters of recommendations from chapter leadership. A deadline of October 15 is specified for receipt of nominations to allow time to process the forms for consideration by the Board of Directors at its December meeting.

    If you're interested in serving on the AAFP delegation to the American Medical Association, you should begin by reading the following resources: