• Commission on Health of the Public and Science (CHPS)

    The work of CHPS is constant, diverse, and significant.  Through its three subcommittees, working group, and many member interest groups, CHPS supports all four of AAFP’s Strategic Objectives: Payment Reform, Practice Transformation, Family Medicine Workforce, and Clinical Expertise.

    CHPS members serve four years and attend two annual in-person meetings (January/February and May/June, with meeting months varying each year) in addition to teleconferences and webinars throughout the year. Each commission member typically serves on multiple CHPS subcommittees and its working group, and may also participate in AAFP member interest groups. Additionally, CHPS members are often chosen to serve as advisors or AAFP representatives on national panels and programs external to AAFP that guide the development of health policies that define standards of care in practice. These national-level efforts have far-reaching implications as the clinical evidence helps define both quality performance metrics for practices and coverage of evidence-based care by insurance companies.

    In addition to addressing AAFP resolutions, CHPS is often tasked with developing or updating policy statements or position papers in response to current events and public health needs thus supporting AAFP’s Board and representing our membership as we address the nation’s most pressing health concerns. CHPS also supports longitudinal campaigns that are the joint products of AAFP’s collaborating partner organizations, such as Choosing Wisely.

    There are three CHPS subcommittees, each chaired by an appointed commission member. All subcommittees regularly process referrals from the Board of Directors, Congress of Delegates, National Conference of Constituency Leaders, and the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students.

    1. Subcommittee on Clinical Recommendations and Policies (SCRP): Responsibilities include first-line review of supporting evidence for clinical practice guidelines and clinical recommendations for the AAFP, including preventive services recommendations and immunizations. SCRP is also tasked with developing, updating and evaluating clinical guidance to ensure relevance and value to members and patients.
    2. Subcommittee on Public Health Issues (SPHI): Responsibilities include evaluating and recommending policies touching broad topics of health that affect populations (for example, gun safety, violence, climate change, and safety of the food and water supply).
    3. Subcommittee on Health Equity (SHE): Responsibilities include reviewing, developing and recommending policies that address disparities in care and health.  Because promotion of health equity is a multi-faceted undertaking, SHE includes members of other AAFP commissions. It also provides input to the AAFP’s Center for Diversity and Health Equity.
    4. Working Group on Primary Care and Public Health Integration (PC/PHI):  Responsibilities include advancing the Academy’s role in integration with public health to advance population and community health, specifically by seeking to assist members in carrying out the call to action of the Integration position paper.

    CHPS members serve as liaisons between AAFP member interest groups (MIGs) and CHPS. The MIGs within CHPS purview include the following:

    1. Member Interest Group on Adolescent Health
    2. Member Interest Group on Breastfeeding Medicine
    3. Member Interest Group on Climate Change and Environmental Health
    4. Member Interest Group on Global Health
    5. Member Interest Group on Lifestyle Medicine
    6. Member Interest Group on Oral Health
    7. Member Interest Group on Reproductive Health Care
    8. Member Interest Group on Obstetrics
    9. Member Interest Group on Intimate Partner Violence
    10. Member Interest Group on Integrative Medicine
    11. Member Interest Group on Medical Aid in Dying

    The Commission on Finance and Insurance establishes reimbursement policies for commission members.  Members are currently reimbursed as follows:

    • A per diem payment for attending meetings or other events on behalf of the commission.
    • Actual airfare up to a full coach ticket with the provision that multiple tickets may be purchased for family members so long as total costs do not exceed the cost for one unrestricted full coach class ticket.
    • Transportation between home and airport and airports and meeting sites is reimbursed, in addition to and separate from the per diem

    Additional detail on reimbursement policies is included in the commission member orientation manual.Are you interested in participating in this commission?

    • First, contact your chapter prior to starting/submitting an application.
    • Then, complete the online Commission Nomination Form (open 7/15/2022 through 10/15/2022).

    Are you interested in participating in the commission's leadership?

    • First, contact your chapter prior to starting/submitting an application.
    • Then, you should download and review the Commission Chair Nomination Form (will open 5/15/2022).
    • You may also want to read the 2021 Commission Chair Orientation Manual to get an understanding of the responsibilities you will have if you are selected to be the chairperson of a committee.