• Commission on Membership and Member Services (CMMS)

    The goals of this commission are to guide the Academy’s membership efforts and to assist the chapters in their membership efforts.  Commission members may also be called upon during their term for decisions or input on issues that fall under the commission’s scope of work as outlined below:

    Scope of Work

    1. Recruitment/Retention - Review/update membership eligibility requirements as necessary.
    2. Value of Membership - Help define the value of membership.
    3. Member Services - Review potential new member services.
    4. Life-Stage Career Issues - Address issues of importance to members at all stages of their career.
    5. Special Needs - Address special needs of the membership as they arise.
    6. Awards - Oversee the AAFP Awards program, including review of existing awards and development of potential new awards.
    7. International Membership - Review/update benefits provided to International members
    8. Urban/Rural Membership Issues - Address issues of importance to members practicing in urban/rural areas.
    9. Degree of Fellow - Administration and promotion of the Degree of Fellow.
    10. Member Constituencies (National Conference of Constituency Leaders) - Address issues of importance affecting members and their patients that are part of the AAFP’s Member Constituencies population, including Women, Minorities, New Physicians, International Medical Graduates (IMG), and LGBTQ.
    11. NCCL Planning - Oversight of the National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL)
    12. Chapter Relations (Annual Chapter Leader Forum) - Address issues impacting chapters and oversight of the Annual Leadership Forum (ACLF).
    13. Leadership Development – Oversight of leadership development opportunities for members, chapter leaders, and chapter staff.
    14. Member Interest Groups (MIGs) – Oversight of the MIG application process and conduct annual review of all MIGs.
    15. Monitor Membership Trends – Review membership trends and data and note any areas of concern that should be addressed. 

    In addition, the commission may be asked for input on other issues, including:

    • Dues Reduction Appeals
    • Membership issues, programs

    Commission Service Overview

    Members serve a two-year term with an option for one two-year extension. Members of the CMMS meet twice each year, January or February in-person along with other commissions in Kansas City, and June virtually.

    Members are expected to attend all meetings and stay for the entire meeting, participate on conference calls, and complete group assignments. Members should read the meeting agenda and study the issues prior to the meeting.

    Commission members are not expected to attend the Annual Chapter Leader Forum (ACLF) or the National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL). The commission chair is also expected to attend the Congress of Delegates and Family Medicine Experience (FMX) during their term as chair. 


    The Commission on Finance and Insurance establishes reimbursement policies for commission members. Members are reimbursed:

    • A per diem payment when traveling or attending meetings or other events on behalf of the commission.
    • Actual travel expenses up to the cost of the lowest refundable coach airfare as well as parking for personal autos and/or transportation between home and airport and airport and meeting sites. 


    If you are interested in nominating yourself for this commission:

    • Contact your chapter prior to starting your application.
    • Complete the online Commission Nomination Form (available July 15-October 15 each year).

    If you are interested in nominating yourself for commission chair (in your final year of service on the commission):

    • Contact your chapter prior to starting your application.
    • Complete the online Commission Chair Nomination Form (available May 15-August 15 each year).

    You can access the Commission Resource Manual for more information here.