• Commission on Quality and Practice (CQP)

    The commission works to improve the practice environment of family physicians. It directly supports the following AAFP's Strategic Objectives: Increase Payment to Reflect Contribution; Comprehensiveness of Practice; Reduce Administrative Complexity; Help to Optimize Patient Care via Technology. The commission studies and develops recommendations, policies, and programs for family medicine in the following areas:

    • Administrative Burden
    • Emerging Technologies and Health Data Use
    • Health Care Delivery Models
    • Health Information Technology
    • Performance Measurement
    • Physician Employment
    • Physician Payment
    • Practice Environment
    • Practice Management
    • Practice Transformation
    • Private Sector Advocacy
    • Quality Improvement
    • Scope of Practice and Privileging 

    CQP provides oversight of several member interest groups (MIGs) listed below.  The MIGs can bring forward recommendations for consideration by CQP. As of this date, the groups include:

    • Direct Primary Care MIG
    • EMR Optimization MIG
    • Employed Physician MIG
    • Home-based Primary Care MIG
    • Hospital Medicine MIG
    • Independent Solo/Small Group Practice MIG
    • Telehealth MIG

    Commission Service Overview

    Members serve a two-year term with an option for one two-year extension. Members of the CQP meet twice each year, January or February in-person along with other commissions in Kansas City, and June virtually. 


    The Commission on Finance and Insurance establishes reimbursement policies for commission members. Members are reimbursed:

    •  A per diem payment when traveling or attending meetings or other events on behalf of the commission.
    • Actual travel expenses up to the cost of the lowest refundable coach airfare as well as parking for personal autos and/or transportation between home and airport and airport and meeting sites.


    If you are interested in nominating yourself for this commission:

    • Contact your chapter prior to starting your application.
    • Complete the online Commission Nomination Form (available July 15-October 15 each year).

    If you are interested in nominating yourself for commission chair (in your final year of service on the commission):

    • Contact your chapter prior to starting your application.
    • Complete the online Commission Chair Nomination Form (available May 15-August 15 each year).

    You can access the Commission Resource Manual for more information here.