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  • Commission on Quality and Practice (CQP)

    The commission works to improve the practice environment of family physicians. It directly supports the AAFP's Strategic Objective on Practice Enhancement. The commission studies and develops recommendations, policies, and programs for family medicine in the following areas:

    • Health care delivery systems
    • Performance measurement
    • Practice redesign/quality improvement
    • Privileging
    • Health information technology
    • Practice management
    • Private sector advocacy
    • Physician payment
    • Practice Environment

    It is the responsibility of commission members to:

    • Attend meetings:
      • Two in-person meetings per year of up to 2.5 days duration
      • Participate in virtual meetings, as needed
      • Prepare for meetings by reading agenda materials and studying issues
      • Lead discussions on pre-assigned agenda topics
      • Listen and contribute meaningfully and respectfully during meetings
    • Serve on ad hoc CQP work groups to complete commission work between meetings
      • Participate in email and/or conference call discussions
      • Meet agreed-upon deadlines for assignments
    • Respond to listserv and other electronic communications in a timely manner
      • Review or serve as lead reviewer of white papers, policies, and documents
      • Respond to requests to review or serve as lead reviewer of draft performance measures from external organizations
    • Volunteer to participate in external meetings or workgroups, on an ad hoc basis for performance measurement, quality improvement, and other areas in the scope of work
    • Provide expertise and experience in the scope of work subject matterMembers serve a four-year term.

    Commission Membership and Terms

    The commission consists of 16 members who are appointed by the AAFP Board of Directors for a four-year term. The board also appoints to the commission one resident and one student, for one-year terms, and one chapter executive, for a three-year term. The board also selects the chair of the CQP.

    Meetings and Time Required

    Members of the CQP meet twice each year (January/February and May/June, with meeting months varying each year), in addition to conference calls scheduled on an as needed basis. Members are expected to be effective participants, working closely with the commission chair.

    Members are expected to attend all meetings and stay for the entire meeting, and they are expected to participate on all conference calls, and complete the work and/or group assignments. It is expected that all members will have read the meeting agenda and will have studied the issues prior to the scheduled meetings.  Members are also expected to attend non-commission ad hoc meetings at approximately 6 days annually.


    The Commission on Finance and Insurance establishes reimbursement policies for commission members.  Members are reimbursed as follows:

    • A per diem payment when traveling or attending meetings or other events on behalf of the commission or committee.
    • Actual air fare up to a full coach ticket with the provision that multiple tickets may be purchased for family members as long as total costs do not exceed the cost of one unrestricted full coach class ticket.
    • The cost of parking personal autos and/or transportation between home and airport and airports and meeting sites is reimbursed, in addition to and separate from the per diem.

    Additional detail on reimbursement policies is included in the commission/committee member orientation manual. 

    CQP members serve as liaisons between AAFP member interest groups (MIGs) and CQP. The MIGs within CQP purview include the following:

    1. Member Interest Group on Direct Primary Care
    2. Member Interest Group on Employed Physicians
    3. Member Interest Group on EMR Optimization
    4. Member Interest Group on Hospital Medicine
    5. Member Interest Group on Independent Solo/Small Group Practice
    6. Member Interest Group on Telehealth

    Are you interested in participating in this commission?

    • First, contact your chapter prior to starting/submitting an application.
    • Then, complete the online Commission Nomination Form (open 7/15/2022 through 10/15/2022).

    Are you interested in participating in the commission's leadership?

    • First, contact your chapter prior to starting/submitting an application.
    • Then, you should download and review the Commission Chair Nomination Form (will open 5/15/2022).
    • You may also want to read the 2021 Commission Chair Orientation Manual to get an understanding of the responsibilities you will have if you are selected to be the chairperson of a committee.