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    Steven P. Furr, MD, FAAFP

    The AAFP has been a cornerstone in my family medicine career—one that has helped me gain immeasurable knowledge, experiences and the ability to connect with family physicians across the country. During a time when the health care landscape is changing rapidly, we need family physicians as local, state and national leaders who are willing to do the hard but exciting work of improving our health care system for all. I look forward to each of us making that kind of difference during my time as president.

    Steven P. Furr, MD, FAAFP, is a family physician in Jackson, Alabama. He is the co-founder of Family Medical Clinic of Jackson. He also serves as chief of staff of a rural hospital and medical director of the nursing home. Furr has cared for patients for more than 39 years, including obstetrics care for more than 25 years. He is a certified medical director and a certified medical examiner. 

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    Add Your Voice to Advocacy for Family Medicine

    Academy leaders were on Capitol Hill this week to discuss issues related to payment, education and practice. In his latest blog post, AAFP President Steven Furr, M.D., FAAFP, shares how members can help amplify the Academy’s advocacy efforts.

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