• AAFP Promotions: Print Advertorials

    The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) may occasionally promote family medicine by participating in magazine, newspaper or website "advertorials" - also referred to as "sponsored content" "native adertising." These are information-rich ads presented in a format similar to editorial material. When presented in such a way that readers can easily distinguish paid content from editorial content, this type of advertising is helpful to readers, and can be of great service in promoting awareness of family medicine.

    Where the format of such advertorial is designed and controlled by the AAFP, the AAFP will clearly label such material as advertising. Where the format is controlled by the publisher, the AAFP will ensure that the format will clearly distinguish ads from editorial content before agreeing to participate in the advertorial.

    AAFP's agreement with the publisher will further state that ads for products on topics covered in the AAFP advertorial should not be positioned with AAFP editorial content in such a way as to imply AAFP endorsement or bias toward any commercial product. Advertisers, advertising copy, and layouts must be made available to the AAFP for review upon request. 

    (1991) (2016 COD)