• Alcohol Advertising and Underage Alcohol Usage

    The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) recognizes the continued problem of underage alcohol usage, noting a direct correlation with lifetime alcohol dependence and its impact on individuals and on public health. The AAFP acknowledges alcohol advertising to youth may play a significant role in promoting underage alcohol consumption, and advocate for further research into this relationship. Specifically, the AAFP believes research should address how alcohol advertising disproportionately targets and impacts socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

    The AAFP supports the regulation of advertisements by the alcohol industry to reduce exposure to underage audiences.

    Family physicians caring for and addressing the health care need of youth and adolescents should be aware of risk factors for underage alcohol consumption and alcohol-related health consequences, as well as available community-based resources and services in their region.

    (2017 July BOD) (September 2023 BC)