• Antitrust Policy

    The American Academy of Family Physicians ("AAFP") is committed to adhering to the antitrust laws of the United States.  All AAFP policies, practices and activities must comply with U.S. federal and state antitrust laws and must not unreasonably restrain trade.  All meetings relating to the AAFP must be conducted in a manner that avoids the following prohibited conduct, as well as any agreement to engage in such conduct:  (1) raise, lower, or stabilize prices or reimbursement rates (including costs, profits or any related items); (2) allocate, limit, or divide markets; (3) encourage boycotts; (4) foster unfair trade practices against any entity competing with AAFP or its members; (5) assist in monopolization; or (6) in any way violate federal or state antitrust laws.

    Any activities of AAFP or AAFP-related actions of its officers, directors, commission chairs, members or staff that violate the antitrust laws are detrimental to the interests of AAFP and are contrary to AAFP policy.  Compliance with both the letter and spirit of these laws is an important goal of AAFP and is essential to maintaining AAFP's reputation for the highest standards of ethical conduct.  Notice regarding suspected violations of this policy should be directed to AAFP's General Counsel at (913) 906-6219 or to gencounsel@aafp.org. (January 2019 Board Chair)