• CME Mandatory for Relicensure

    The AAFP will work in association with the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) in its support of lifelong learning for family physicians. State licensure is currently mandatory, has minimal standards, and aligns state board missions with public protection and safety. The AAFP supports CME as a required component of relicensure.

    The AAFP does not support mandated topic specific CME for relicensure. The AAFP believes that physicians should select and engage in CME based on their own needs and professional practice gaps.

    The AAFP requests that each constituent chapter undertake a program which will encourage at least one representative of its chapter be elected or appointed to any board or accreditation committee which mandates continuing medical education as a requisite for medical licensure or relicensure.

    (1977) (October 2023 COD)