• CME Requirements for AAFP Membership

    General CME Requirements

    (Established by the Board of Directors)

    • Active members must complete 150 credits of CME every three years. Of these:

    A. A minimum of 25 credits must be obtained from live learning activities*, AND
    B. A minimum of 75 must be Prescribed credit. The remaining credits may be Prescribed, Elective, or a combination of both.

    *An exemption to the 25 live activity credits will be allowed for AAFP Active members who submit evidence that they are providing medical care in a missionary/charitable practice setting in an overseas practice for more than a 12-month period. (August BOD 1996)

    • Each AAFP Constituent Chapter has the option of requiring its members to obtain a portion of their CME credit from that chapter's produced or approved activities. In such case, no more than 25 credits may be required from these activities. It is the responsibility of each chapter to inform the CME Credit Systems and Compliance Department which activities should be designated in the CME database as chapter-approved.

    (April 2020 BOD)