• Disaster Planning

    The American Academy of Family Physicians supports civilian and military disaster planning including disaster planning for natural and human-created disasters, both intentional and unintentional.The AAFP supports planning for the prevention of potential disasters and the protection of the populace from toxic and infectious exposures resulting from such events. Family physicians are encouraged to become knowledgeable in the adverse effects and early response and treatment of toxic and infectious exposures resulting from these occurrences. This should include knowledge in the mobilization of support services. Family physicians are also encouraged to become knowledgeable regarding potential sources of disasters in their practice region and are encouraged to work with public health and other authorities in the development of evacuation and treatment plans to deal with the consequences of such events. The AAFP has created a manual titled "Disaster Preparedness" to help family physicians create a plan for use in the midst of a disaster or disaster recovery. (1987) (2017 COD)