• Emergency Medicine, Family Physicians in

    The provision of emergency medical care is an essential public service in the United States. Providing comprehensive emergency medical services to a diverse population requires a cooperative relationship among a variety of health professionals.

    The most important objective of the physician must be the provision of the highest quality of care. Quality patient care requires that all clinicians should practice within their degree of ability as determined by training, experience and current competence.

    Family physicians are trained in the breadth of medical care, and as such are qualified to provide emergency care in a variety of settings. Many family physicians currently provide quality emergency department and trauma care throughout the nation, including military, rural, and remote settings.

    Specialty certification alone should not prevent family physicians from practicing in any emergency setting or trauma center at any level. Emergency department credentialing should be based on training, experience and current competence. Combined residency programs in family medicine and emergency medicine, or additional training, such as fellowships in emergency medicine or additional course work, may be of added benefit. (2006) (JULY 2022 BOD)