• Family Physicians as Role Models for Underrepresented Students

    The American Academy of Family Physicians is concerned about underrepresentation in the medical workforce, which can result in a cultural gap between medical professionals and the patients they serve, perpetuating inequitable care. The impetus to become a physician may be made early in a child's life; possibly as a result of a significant contact with a family physician. As community leaders and ambassadors of the profession, family physicians, therefore, have a responsibility to be positive role models and advocate for family medicine. It is incumbent upon the AAFP members to take an active interest in the educational aspirations of their young patients and their youth communities, especially populations underrepresented in medicine, and work personally to help young people shape their career goals and see medicine as an attainable possibility. Further, the AAFP encourages family medicine residencies to incorporate into their outreach activities efforts to engage and expose youth in their community, especially those from underrepresented populations, to the challenges and rewards of family medicine. (1985) (2019 COD)