• Healthy Nutrition in Health Care Facilities and Other Workplaces

    The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) believes that health care facilities should emphasize healthy behaviors, including affordable access to healthy foods and education on choosing healthy nutrition for patients, visitors, and employees. Healthy foods, such as minimally processed foods (whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables), and a balanced mix of proteins derived from plant and animal sources, should be easily accessible. Beyond nutrition, health care facilities should offer opportunities for physical activity, and a smoke-free environment for their employees and patients. Healthy nutrition options should be available in all dietary offerings, including on-site cafeterias, catered events, vending machines, snack carts, and gift shops. Digital advertising and marketing of foods in health care facilities should align with best practices for promoting healthy food options. Healthy options should be prominently displayed, while ultra-processed food should be limited. Whenever possible, health care facilities should use local environmentally friendly food and packaging. Family medicine training programs should, therefore, promote, offer free when possible, and support institutional policies to provide healthy food options for trainees during work hours.

    Further, the AAFP believes that high-quality nutrition should extend to all workplaces that offer food to their employees and to the public at on-site cafeterias and vending machines. (2005) (October 2023 COD)