• Imaging Personnel

    In physician offices personnel with appropriate training, skills and experience perform a wide range of radiologic testing. In the physician's office, personnel are used to perform medical imaging work under the supervision of the physician, having been delegated the responsibility to perform requested radiologic procedures by the supervising physician. The personnel used to perform medical imaging may also assist the physician in providing necessary quality control measures, as may be required by law. The maintenance of this relationship between personnel used to perform medical imaging and the physician will assure continued patient access to quality office radiologic imaging. Physicians should be able to employ imaging personnel based upon an individual's training, skills, and experience. To require physicians to only employ imaging personnel with specific certification creates an unnecessary financial burden and a hardship in locating and employing individuals to perform necessary imaging, especially in underserved areas; thus, preventing or delaying patients from receiving needed healthcare services. (1977) (2016 COD)