• Legislative Activities

    The goals of the AAFP legislative activities are built on the desire to serve as patient advocates and to promote family medicine.

    The Commission on Governmental Advocacy actively works on legislative and regulatory issues of importance to its members, their patients and their communities, analyzes proposed laws and regulations and recommends Academy policy for Board consideration. Specific legislative proposals that affect family physicians undergo systematic review by Academy staff.

    Communications with legislators and officials regarding the Academy's viewpoint, should be arranged and orchestrated by Academy officers, commission members, chapter representatives, and Academy staff. In addition to addressing federal issues, the Academy, through its Commission on Governmental Advocacy, monitors state legislative activities and provides resources and legislative support to Academy chapters as appropriate.

    The Academy's legislative goals are best achieved through Board, commission, and member involvement with support from Academy staff. The Academy's national and state legislative efforts are best achieved when a family physician acts as Academy spokesperson. (1975) (2018 COD)