• Liaison Guidelines

    Guidelines for liaison adopted in order to ensure the most productive use of AAFP resources are to determine that the liaison or joint project will:

    1. Help meet the health needs of the nation
    2. Further the cause of family medicine
    3. Benefit the AAFP and its members
    4. Utilize the special abilities of the family physician
    5. Not duplicate the activities of other organizations
    6. Provide for representation at no cost when possible
    7. Provide for termination of liaison when mutual goals or objectives are achieved, and
    8. Require regular monitoring to determine the activity's effectiveness in return for AAFP expenditures

    Liaison is intercommunication established and maintained between the AAFP and other organizations or units within the AAFP for the purpose of coordination of activities and cooperation to attain common goals.

    (B1977) (2018 COD)