Medical Use of

The AAFP recognizes that there is support for the medical use of marijuana but advocates that usage be based on high quality, patient-centered, evidence-based research and advocates for further studies into the use of medical marijuana and related compounds. The AAFP requests that the Food and Drug Administration change marijuana’s classification for the purpose of facilitating clinical research. This process should also ensure that funding be available for such research.

The AAFP also recognizes that some states have passed laws approving the medical use of marijuana; the AAFP does not endorse such laws. The AAFP encourages its members to be knowledgeable of the laws of their states and consult with their state medical boards for guidance regarding the use of medical marijuana.

Recreational Use of

The AAFP opposes the recreational use of marijuana, however supports decriminalization of the possession and personal use of marijuana. The AAFP recognizes that several states have passed laws approving limited recreational use or possession of marijuana and therefore advocates for further research into the overall safety and health effects of recreational use as well as the effects of those laws on patient and societal health.

(1989) (2016 COD)