Medical Schools, Underrepresentation In Medicine

The AAFP endorses the goal of equitable representation  and leadership opportunities throughtout U.S. medical institutions. The AAFP supports programs which aim to increase medical school applicants and matriculants who are underrepresented in medicine, and to continue their professional development in residency and practice. The AAFP supports leadership by family physicians who are underrepresented in medicine in both academic and other health systems. The AAFP recommends that medical schools and academic health centers commit to and facilitate the development of medical careers among those underrepresented or underpowered in medicine, including among middle shcool, high school, and undergraduate students through specific outreach programs.

The AAFP further recommends that academic health centers, and professional societies for physicians, have programs of leadership and scholarly development for those underrepresented or underpowered in medicine at all stages of medical training and practice. These programs should include mentorship, research and cholarly opportunities. (1996) (Sept 2019 BOD)