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  • Medical Schools, Service to Minority, Vulnerable and Underserved Populations

    Medical schools and medical teaching programs of the U.S. have a vital role and obligation to improve access to and provide health care services for disadvantaged, disenfranchised, minority, vulnerable, and underserved populations.

    The AAFP supports inclusion of education on health care for minority, vulnerable, and underserved populations in medical school curricula.

    The AAFP supports undergraduate and graduate medical education prioritizing the intentional recruitment and development of physicians who will practice in rural and urban underserved communities.

    The AAFP encourages medical student and family medicine resident recruitment from rural, minority and underserved population areas.

    The AAFP supports the expansion of the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) as an appropriate strategy to improve the health care of rural, minority and underserved populations.

    The AAFP encourages the federal, state and local governments to support initiatives that result in medical students and residents selecting family medicine careers in rural, minority and underserved population areas. (2003) (2019 COD)