• National Health Service Corps

    The AAFP:

    (a) supports the objectives of the National Health Service Corps and will remain in productive communication with the Corps leadership;
    (b) assists the Corps in making information available to family medicine residents regarding practice opportunities and benefits in the Corps;
    (c) if requested by the Corps, will assist in identifying communities in need of additional primary care physicians; and
    (d) supports both the loan and scholarship programs of the National Health Service Corps, with emphasis on the loan repayment program. 

    The American Academy of Family Physicians advocates for reauthorization and appropriate funding of the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) and for reinstitution of the goal of full funding for the training of the health workforce and zero disparities in health care due to race, class, income, geography, language, or immigration status. (1974) (July 2023 BOD)