• Training and Privileges for Emerging Technology

    Emerging technology has allowed for new equipment (i.e., point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS)), procedures, and techniques to aid family physicians in the care of patients. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) unequivocally holds that the granting of privileges for new procedures and techniques for all physicians should be made on the basis of each physician's documented training and/or experience, demonstrated abilities and current competence.

    Further, emerging technology educational opportunities to learn new procedures and techniques should be available to all physicians, regardless of specialty. Since many new procedures and techniques are very important to the practice of family medicine, the AAFP will work to ensure that such courses are made available to family physicians.

    All hospitals and ambulatory care settings should have a standing protocol for establishing the privileging criteria for a procedure new to that organization and for which no privileging criteria currently exist. The purpose for establishing such a process is to assure that eligibility is determined fairly, rigorously and with regard to ascertaining competence, rather than promoting or limiting access to any particular specialty. (1983) (July 2021 BOD)