• Radiology Family Physician Interpretation of Outpatient Radiographs

    Diagnostic radiography is an integral part of the evaluation and management of acute and chronic illnesses. Offering radiography in the family medicine practice Improves patient access and outcomes by decreasing the time to diagnosis and treatment. It is the position of the AAFP that clinical privileges should be granted based on individual physician’s training, experience, and demonstrated current competence, not on specialty designation alone. This position applies to ordering and interpreting radiographs in the family medicine practice. Patient care is improved when a family physician is able to fully integrate the patient’s history and physical examination with contemporaneous interpretation of diagnostic imaging and other diagnostic studies. Patient convenience and satisfaction are also improved by the availability of on-site radiography.

    The AAFP believes that family physicians—like other physicians who use diagnostic radiography to evaluate patients—are entitled to appropriate payment for their services.

    (B1999) (October 2023 COD)