• Reproductive Decisions, Training in

    The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends that all medical students and family medicine residents receive comprehensive training in reproductive decision making. Curricula and training should include but are not limited to: contraception, surgical and non-surgical management of ectopic pregnancy, options counseling, miscarriage management, and referral services. While medical students and family medicine residents should learn about medical and surgical abortion, participation in these procedures should be on an opt-in basis.

    The AAFP believes that no physician or healthcare professional shall be required to perform actions that violate moral and ethical beliefs.

    The AAFP also strongly believes that there is an ethical obligation to provide complete and accurate medical information and referrals for desired services for all patients, and to ensure that when referrals are made, they are made for appropriate evidenced-based services. (1995) (September 2022 COD)