Residents and Students, AAFP

Family medicine residents and medical students have special needs in terms of education and specialty and career planning, and the AAFP works to provide them with the resources appropriate for their distinct needs. Leadership opportunities allow residents and students to play a vital role in shaping AAFP policy and the future of family medicine. Their unique voice and perspective are welcome additions to that of the overall membership.

There are several avenues for residents and students to become AAFP leaders. They can either be appointed by the AAFP directly, or they can be elected by their peers at the National Congress of Family Medicine Residents or the National Congress of Student Members held during the annual National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students.

Residents and students serve on six of the seven commissions of the AAFP and have multiple leadership opportunities at the National Conference. Residents and students also have the opportunity to serve as representatives to other medical, educational, or humanitarian organizations. Since 1974, residents and students have been represented in the AAFP's Congress of Delegates by two elected delegates and two alternate delegates each. A resident and student were appointed as observers to the Board of Directors in 1984. In 1985, the Bylaws were changed to authorize full voting privileges for the resident board member. In 1991, the Bylaws were changed to authorize a vote for the student board member. (2012 COD) (2014 COD)