• Student-Run Free Clinics

    The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) supports health as a basic human right for every person, ideally through a medical home.

    Student-run free clinics provide essential healthcare services for uninsured and other underserved populations. A student-run free primary care clinic is a student-driven service-learning, outreach program that strives to enhance the health and wellbeing of a community through  the provision of medical care. The AAFP supports the inclusion of family physicians within the student-run free clinic setting because family physicians are able to:

    • Provide comprehensive, medical care for all age groups
    • Deliver essential patient-centered care in the context of community
    • Engage medical students with family medicine as a specialty and career path
    • Provide clinical education for students

    (July 2013 Board) (July 2023 BOD)