• Violence, Illegal Acts Against Health Care Professionals

    Violence directed against health care professionals is a significant problem. The AAFP condemns violence and other illegal acts against all health care professionals and urges prompt enforcement of laws prohibiting such activities. The AAFP supports classifying violent crimes against health care professionals as felonies or other charges as appropriate.

    The AAFP encourages health care facilities to have a security protocol in place to include security issues when orienting and training new staff, and to consider performing routine security drills or simulations. All health care professionals should be aware of their surroundings and alert to potentially threatening situations or individuals at all times.

    The AAFP deplores any illegal activity that interferes with patient welfare or harms those who are providing patient care. All health care professionals are encouraged to build working relationships with local law enforcement agencies. (1993) (October 2023 COD)