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Adolescents, Protecting: Ensuring Access to Care and Reporting Sexual Activity and Abuse (Position Paper)

Alcohol Advertising and Youth (Position Paper)

Breastfeeding, Family Physicians Supporting (Position Paper)

Cesarean Delivery in Family Medicine (Position Paper)

Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Misuse: A Public Health Concern (Position Paper)

Clinical Outcomes, Disclosing Unanticipated: A Resource Guide for Family Physicians (Position Paper)

Colonoscopy (Position Paper)

Colposcopy (Position Paper)

Critical Challenges for Family Medicine: Delivering Emergency Medical Care - "Equipping Family Physicians for the 21st Century" (Position Paper)

Cultural Proficiency: The Importance of Cultural Proficiency in Providing Effective Care for Diverse Populations (Position Paper)

EGD, Training and Credentialing of Family Physicians In (Position Paper)

Electrocardiograms, Family Physician Interpretation (Position Paper)

Emergency Department Call for Family Physicians (Position Statement)

Incarceration and Health: A Family Medicine Perspective (Position Paper)

Integration of Primary Care and Public Health (Position Paper)

Mental Health Care Services by Family Physicians (Position Paper)

Obstetric Ultrasound Examination (Position Paper)

Pharmacists (Position Paper)

Physician Burnout (Position Paper)

Poverty and Health - The Family Perspective (Position Paper)

Preconception Care (Position Paper)

Principles for Physician Payment Reform to Support the Patient-Centered Medical Home (Position Paper)

Provider, Use of Term (Position Paper)

Radiology (Position Paper)

Rural Practice, Keeping Physicians In (Position Paper)

Rural Practice: Graduate Medical Education for (Position Paper)

Tobacco: Preventing and Treating Nicotine Dependence and Tobacco Use (Position Paper)

Violence (Position Paper)

Violence in the Media and Entertainment (Position Paper)

Visions and Principles of a Quality Measurements Strategy for Primary Care (Position Paper)

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