Table 5: Family Physician 2016 Income Before Taxes

Mean and Median 2016 Individual Income (Before Taxes, in Thousands of Dollars) of Family Physicians

Source: American Academy of Family Physicians, 2017 Practice Profile Survey

 MeanMedianValid N
All Respondents$209,887$198,000460
Employment Status   
Owner/Partial Owner$219,679$185,500134
Primary Employer   
Self/Majority Owner$296,554$175,00092
Physician Group$217,176$200,00085
Practice Size (num. FTE physicians)   
2 to 5$218,693$200,000203
6 to 10$228,363$211,50080
More than 10$212,604$195,00048
Number of Years Since Residency Completion  
Seven or Fewer Years$179,586$180,00087
More Than Seven Years$221,301$200,000261
Primary Location   
Metropolitan Area$212,434$200,000324
Outside of a Metropolitan Area$226,319$207,00094