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    Policy for Financial Conflict of Interest for Research

    The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is committed to promoting integrity and objectivity in medical research. The Policy for Financial Conflict of Interest for Research sets forth standards to ensure the absence of bias by identifying financial relationships that could influence, or appear to influence, an investigator’s ability to carry out his or her responsibilities in the best interests of the AAFP. The policy includes the following elements:

    • Definitions of relevant terms
    • Requirements for investigators and AAFP personnel
    • Procedures for mitigation when a financial interest has not been disclosed or flagged for review
    • Disciplinary and corrective actions resulting from failure to disclose
    • Requirements for recordkeeping on the part of the AAFP
    • Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Research Projects

    View the AAFP's Policy for Financial Conflict of Interest for Research »


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