• About RSS

    What is RSS?

    RSS is a web feed used by publishers to distribute web content to users. 

    How do I start using RSS feeds?

    You'll need an RSS reader. Some RSS readers are apps you install on an internet-connected device, others are web-based services you access through a web browser.  

    Popular RSS readers

    • Apple News (pre-installed on iOS devices)
    • Feedly (web-based, iOS, Android, and more)
    • Flipboard (web-based, iOS, and Android)

    AAFP RSS Feeds

    AAFP News Feeds

     AAFP News - The official news publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians. 

     AAFP Leader Voices - A blog for AAFP Leaders and Members. 

     Fresh Perspectives - An in-depth look at the challenges new physicians face. 

    Advocacy Feed

     In The Trenches - Stay informed of important advocacy and practice enhancement efforts.

    American Family Physician Feeds

     American Family Physician Community Blog

     American Family Physician (AFP) Podcast - The AFP Podcast is a discussion of the key evidence-based learning points from each issue of American Family Physician (AFP). Each episode includes brief summaries of articles and other features.

    FPM Feeds

     FPM - Get easy access to the table of contents for the latest issue and content from FPM. 

     Getting Paid - Get the latest posts from FPM's Getting Paid blog.